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Mephitis CMS

Mephitis CMS has already gone through over a half decade of development, as it has migrated through various phases, as in living things.

It learned to walk: The learning project became a small website for a fantasy community, because static websites were not very elegant and a forum with single signon should be included. The puberty followed: After the code should be touched again it was clear that a rewrite had to come, of course, highly modern and trendy. At the time, we simply did not know any better and relied on well-known frameworks like Bootstrap and jQuery. The code was still procedural but increasing in complexity. For different problems own solutions were implemented, even if the code thereby grew enormously and for some had "esoteric" features. But even then, the foundation was laid for today's foundation: Better to implement your own idea and approach, which is thoughtful and well-elaborated, than paste everything by copy and paste and spend as your own work. This came and is out of the question. Mephitis 1.0 was released, modules developed, customers won and a community formed. Work on a follow-up version started with some minor innovations, but silted up with the months. Until a year and a half later, the decision was made that Mephitis should finally leave behind his puberty and grow up.

The development of Mephitis 2.0 has begun! Big decisions have been made such as bootstrap, jQuery, tinymce and other unnecessary third-party libraries have been removed. The complete 1.1 code was rejected and now object-oriented programmed. JavaScript is barely used, PHP5 & Internet Explorer support has been discontinued. The team has grown and our development philosophy has been redefined.

Now that Mephitis CMS is no longer completely unknown, we still want to show what open source is all about. When most people hear the word software, it is associated with costs. However, the content management system Mephits is completely free. Anyone can use, download, share, copy, modify for private or commercial use. The complete source code is publicly available. The product is nevertheless subject to a license, the AGPL.

In order for open source products to be developed and maintained, the developers are dependent on donations. It compares well with a relief organization. For example, the Johanniter are a non-profit institution and finance their work and projects through donations from the population.

Mephitis CMS can be supported by single or multiple payments. Corperate sponsorship is also possible, with companies securing a significant amount of visibility in the product, on the website, and in popular social media.

Open source software benefits from the fact that the source code is open. Any errors are found faster and can be corrected. The products are completely transparent that software can do harm is very unlikely. It's free, every person can get open source software regardless of their life situation and thus get access to education, work and society. Long-term support is guaranteed by open standards, which means that software or products can not be obsolete overnight. And finally: It is no longer a marginal phenomenon, but everyday - Open Source software is everywhere! Linux, LibreOffice, VLC, Audacity, Firefox, Apache, Thunderbird, Git, MariaDB, GIMP, Krita, Bitcoin, Koha, etc. the list is not exhaustive.

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